Cruzr Robot Initiates a New Retail Experience in Belgium

Commercial Robot
Client Profiles

Auva and Computer Checkpoint are both part of the retail giant, Q-Resellers United Group. Auva is one of the top five 3C retailers in Belgium and the fastest-growing among them, while Computer Checkpoint is a well-establi

Commercial Robot
Customer Needs
  • Welcoming and serving customers.

  • Addressing customers' product queries during purchasing.

  • Discovering user needs, acting as a sales guide.

  • Assisting in-store seasonal promotional activities.

  • Guiding customers to quickly find their desired products.

Commercial Robot
Scenario Application

Retail store

Commercial Robot

Cruzr, a commercial service robot, boasts precise facial recognition capabilities, making it ideal for customer reception within retail stores.

Leveraging its intelligent data analysis capabilities, Cruzr excels not only in addressing customers' product inquiries but also in conducting thorough marketing analyses across a wide range of products. This allows for the identification of potential customer needs, ultimately enhancing the profitability of retail establishments.

Powered by U-SLAM technology, Cruzr employs advanced 3D navigation and real-time positioning and mapping systems to assist customers in swiftly locating their desired products. This significantly improves the purchasing efficiency and overall shopping experience for customers.

Commercial Robot
Product Application
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