Intelligent Cloud Platform Commercial Service Robot
Intelligent Cloud Platform Commercial Service Robot
Smart Service and Endless possibilities

Smart Cleaning Solution

Cleaning robots improve cleaning efficiency and quality through automated and efficient cleaning services, and create a cleaner and more comfortable living and working environment for people. They can be widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other places.

Commercial Robot
Reduce Labor Input Costs
Commercial Service Robots
Ensure the Safety of Cleaning Personnel
Smart Service Robot
Improve Cleaning Efficiency
Smart Humanoid Service Robot
Maintain Consistent Cleaning Quality
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Human Service Robot
Autonomous Mapping Technology and Cleaning

The cleaning robot can independently plan the optimal full-coverage path, automatically mark the cleaned area, take the elevator independently, and realize cross-floor multi-area cleaning.

Ubtech Humanoid Robot
Automatic Operation to Ensure Cleaning Quality

Timing tasks, automatic start;

Precise navigation, perfect obstacle avoidance;

Automatic return to home charging, without manual intervention and repeated operations

Simultaneous Washing and Mopping, Multiple Cleaning

The robot can accurately clean the edge, and the cleaning roller brush is self-cleaning;

The cleaning speed can reach up to 0.8m/s, and the multi-level can be adjusted.

Application Cases

The Aoi-no-sono Care Facility is an organization that specializes in providing high quality care services to the elderly and disabled. Located in Koto-ku, Japan, the facility has a wealth of nursing experience and a team of professional caregivers who provide a full range of care services to patients.
Commercial Cleaning Robots: Helping Care Facilities Improve Cleaning Efficiency
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