Japanese Ramen Chain Welcomes 'Little Service Whiz' to Create New Delivery Experience

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Yamagoya Ramen is a chain ramen shop operated by the Y.S Food Group. Boasting a rich history of 42 years in Japan, the flagship store was established in 1970, nestled on the slopes of Fukuoka Prefecture in Kyushu, earning.

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Due to the demographic challenges of Japan's aging population and the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food and beverage industry faces the substantial burdens of long-term staff shortages and rising labor costs. To address these manpower issues, Y.S Food Group has been keen on tapping into overseas human resources and integrating service robots to ensure a consistent labor force.

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Professional Service Robot

Y.S Food Group has introduced UBTECH's latest generation food delivery robot, CADEBOT, as a strategic solution to address persistent challenges such as staff shortages and escalating labor costs within the ramen chain industry. The incorporation of CADEBOT not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the overall customer experience.

CADEBOT was selected by Y.S Food Group for its remarkable delivery efficiency and advanced intelligent capabilities. Featuring a four-tier high-capacity tray system, CADEBOT efficiently manages multiple meal orders simultaneously, significantly improving delivery efficiency and reducing customer wait times. Moreover, equipped with various sensors, the robot navigates through its environment seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and secure delivery process.

In addition to its delivery functionalities, CADEBOT boasts a 21-inch high-definition advertisement screen, showcasing seasonal menus, promotional announcements, and more. This feature not only amplifies the restaurant's promotional reach, attracting more customers, but also offers patrons a wealth of information and options.

Through the collaboration with UBTECH's CADEBOT, Yamagoya Ramen effectively mitigated staffing and labor cost challenges, alleviating workload pressures on existing employees while enhancing service quality and overall customer satisfaction. The enthusiastic reception of robotic delivery by customers underscores the innovative and exciting technological integration.

The success story of Yamagoya Ramen underscores the significant potential of food delivery robots in the dining industry. With CADEBOT's exceptional delivery efficiency, advanced smart technology, and multifunctional advertising capabilities, restaurants gain access to a comprehensive solution. We eagerly anticipate further collaborations with dining establishments, ushering in fresh breakthroughs and innovations in the food and beverage sector.

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