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Modular design, easy disassembly within 5s*
Super endurance, single dust-pushing covers 4400 square meters*
Compact body design, flexible maneuvering in complex scenarios
Ultra-low noise cleaning, easily handling quiet scenes
Integrated suction, scrubbing, and pushing, suitable for various soft and hard surfaces
CleInbot CC201, intelligent cleaning service robot


5-Second Quick Disassembly

Pull-out modular design enables disassembly of water
tanks, batteries, and cleaning parts within 5s.

Compact Body Design

Minimalist exterior design,
compact and agile body,
unobstructed maneuverability
in tight spaces.

Integrated Suction,
Scrubbing, and Pushing

Combines dust suction, floor
scrubbing, and dust pushing in
one machine, versatile and
for various soft and
hard surfaces.

Silent Cleaning

Rapid Battery Exchange

11-hour ultra-long endurance*

Versatile All-in-one

Integrated suction, washing, and pushing functions, sweeping away both dry and wet waste in one go

Compatible with Soft and Hard Surfaces

Supports carpet dust suction

Diverse Cleaning Components

Hard-bristle rollers, suction components, dust-pushing cloths

Variable-Frequency Cleaning

Standard and Intensive modes

Silent Cleaning

<5dB Ultra-low noise dust pushing*, suitable for low noise environments like libraries and offices

Deep Cleaning without Residue

Adapts to environment features and
autonomously plans a back-and-forth cleaning path

440mm wide cleaning,
Significantly improving cleaning efficiency

Equipped with multiple sensors for
flexible navigation in complex environments

Equipped with 2D single-line lasers, structured light cameras, and ultrasonic sensors, 
actively avoiding pedestrians, cliffs, and temporary obstacles

Compact body design allows for free movement in narrow spaces

Able to pass through narrow spaces of 70cm width and 70cm table height*

Superior endurance ensures uninterrupted operation in large-scale environments
Up to 11 hours of battery life in dust-pushing mode
Single cleaning covers 4400㎡*
Dual-purpose wet and dry motor,energy-saving and efficient
Magazine-style battery for quick replacement

Easy maintenance

Modular quick-disassembly design, effortless disassembly of water tanks, batteries, and cleaning parts

Flexible Mapping, Supports Map Editing

Remote control mapping, laser scanning, 
precise perception of surroundings, single 
mapping can scan an area of 6000㎡*

No-Go zone settings,
Defines robot's boundary
Noise point removal,
Clearer cleaning area

Multi-Task Deployment,Multi-Platform Control

Supports customizable cleaning tasks 
and scheduled cleaning

Onboard touch screen
Cloud platform control



Automated return and charging

Low water and battery level alerts, automated return home; 3h* fast charging, faster return

Breakpoint Resumption

Smartly marks breakpoint, 
real-time memory of cleaning 

Smart Interconnection, Cross-Zone Operation

Provides interfaces for turnstile and elevator linkage, achieving cross-area, cross-floor operations[2]




Human-machine cooperation,
Efficient division of labor

CC201 focuses on floor cleaning, freeing up 
manpower, allowing cleaners to accomplish 
more diversified tasks within a given time

Cleaning Cost Calculator

Please select your country
Please enter the hourly wage for cleaners [1] [2]
Please enter the daily required cleaning area
Recommended number of robots
Robot cleaning cost per m² foot per day[3]
Recommended number of cleaners
Cleaner cleaning cost per m² foot per day[4]

Calculation results

Estimated daily cost for cleaning (6000 m²) [5]

$ 11.5

Cleaner fee$ 177.36

Estimated cleaning cost savings

The estimated total cost savings over 5 years are [6]

$ 302,681

(Life cycle 5 years)

Estimated cost/year$ 4,200


Estimated cost/year$ 64,736.39

*The Cleaning Cost Calculator is a handy costing tool designed to help users estimate the cost of cleaning a specific area. This tool is only intended to provide an estimate of potential savings. Actual results will vary and are subject to actual customer usage.

[1]Data sources for hourly wages of cleaners: US hourly wage data based on Bureau of Statistics 2021 data, UK, Canada and Hong Kong China hourly wage data based on Indeed 2023 data, Australian and German hourly wage data based on Payscale 2023 data, France And the hourly salary data of Russia is based on the data of Economic Research in 2023, the hourly salary data of Singapore is based on the data of Talent in 2023, the hourly salary data of Japan is based on the data of Salaryexplorer in 2023.

[2]Hourly wages for cleaners in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong and Japan converted to US dollars. The above data are for reference only. These data are converted based on the exchange rate of on September 7, and the exchange rate may change. If you have any questions, please refer to for real-time exchange rates.

[3]It refers to the cost of cleaning the unit area of the cleaning robot during the working time of one day (8 hours), hereinafter referred to as "machine cost".
Assuming a machine replacement cycle of 5 years, the maintenance cost is 10% of the suggested retail price ($15,000) for each year in addition to the first year warranty.
Machine cost = (suggested retail price + 10% suggested retail price * 4) / (maximum working hours per day * maximum cleaning area per day * 365 * 5)

[4]It refers to the cost of cleaning per square meter during a day's working hours (8 hours).
The default hourly wage for cleaners is $14.31/hour.
Cleaning cost per unit area of a single day for cleaners = (hourly salary * working hours) / (working hours * cleaning efficiency)
[5] CC201 Cost required for cleaning area(S)=[Suggested retail price + (10% Suggested retail price * 4)] * Recommended number of machines /5/365
[6] Cleaners cost required for cleaning area(S)= Hourly salary * Working hours * Number of recommended cleaners






Real-Time Feedback

Encircling ambient light, 
real-time work status feedback

Equipped with voice player, automatically plays voice 
prompts when encountering obstacles


Application scenarios

Office buildings
Shopping malls
Exhibition halls
Services & Supports
Dedicated deployment
Rapid feedback within 24 hours
Remote technical support
Free operational training
View the parameters


*The rendered visuals are for display purposes only and do not represent the standard Ul or specific functions of the robot. For details, please stay tuned to our offical channels. The actual delivered robot's features shall prevail.

*Unless otherwise specifed, the data shown on these pages are proprietary to our company and are provided for reference only. Actual data may vary due to factors such as the usage environment, condition of the device, software version, etc. Please rely on the actual data provided.

*The features mentioned in the images are not standard across all models, please refer to the official product configuration table for specific information.

[1]The elevator control and access solutions need to be evaluated based on actual site survey results.

[2]The Resume Cleaning at Breakpoints feature will be gradually obtained through OTA.

[3]Data sources for hourly wages of cleaners: US hourly wage data based on Bureau of Statistics 2021 data, UK, Canada and Hong Kong China hourly wage data based on Indeed 2023 data, Australian and German hourly wage data based on Payscale 2023 data, France And the hourly salary data of Russia is based on the data of Economic Research in 2023, the hourly salary data of Singapore is based on the data of Talent in 2023, the hourly salary data of Japan is based on the data of Salaryexplorer in 2023.
[4]Hourly wages for cleaners in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong and Japan converted to US dollars. The above data are for reference only. These data are converted based on the exchange rate of on September 7, and the exchange rate may change. If you have any questions, please refer to for real-time exchange rates.
[5 ]It refers to the cost of cleaning the unit area of the cleaning robot during the working time of one day (8 hours), hereinafter referred to as "machine cost".
Assuming a machine replacement cycle of 5 years, the maintenance cost is 10% of the suggested retail price ($15,000) for each year in addition to the first year warranty.
Machine cost = (suggested retail price + 10% suggested retail price * 4) / (maximum working hours per day * maximum cleaning area per day * 365 * 5)

[6]It refers to the cost of cleaning per square meter during a day's working hours (8 hours).
The default hourly wage for cleaners is $14.31/hour.
Cleaning cost per unit area of a single day for cleaners = (hourly salary * working hours) / (working hours * cleaning efficiency)
[7] CC201 Cost required for cleaning area(S)=[Suggested retail price + (10% Suggested retail price * 4)] * Recommended number of machines /5/365
[8] Cleaners cost required for cleaning area(S)= Hourly salary * Working hours * Number of recommended cleaners

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