The New 'Intelligent Tour Guide' at Osaka City Museum of Art

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Osaka City Museum of Art, known as the "Treasure Trove of East Asian Art", is one of Japan's oldest art museums. Its collection mainly consists of ancient Japanese and Chinese paintings, calligraphy, Buddhist stone carvin

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Customer Needs

Promotion of pandemic safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Management of visitor traffic during peak hours.

Responding to visitors' inquiries about art pieces.

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Scenario Application

Art museum exhibition hall

Commercial Service Robots

Cruzr, the touch-free robot, efficiently disseminates crucial information throughout the museum, encompassing safety measures amidst the pandemic, viral transmission prevention guidelines, and the significance of minimizing human contact.

Equipped with advanced features such as remote audio capture within a 5-meter radius, a state-of-the-art U-SLAM 3D obstacle avoidance system, and a highly anthropomorphic design, Cruzr serves as a viable alternative to traditional human guides, delivering exceptional tour services that seamlessly blend art and science.

The intelligent voice system facilitates seamless communication with museum visitors, addressing inquiries about the art exhibits, thereby elevating their overall museum experience to new heights.

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