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AI-Powered Customizable Industrial Solutions

Ushering in a New Era of Sophisticated and Intelligent Robot Services
Optimizing Human Resources
Optimizing Human Resources
Reducing Operating Costs
Reducing Operating Costs
Improving Working Efficiency
Improving Working Efficiency
Enhancing Service Quality
Enhancing Service Quality
Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
Upgrading Brand Image
Upgrading Brand Image
User-Friendly Humanoid Design
  • 15

    Featuring a total of 15 Degrees of Freedom (DoFs)

  • 12

    12 Degrees of Freedom (DoFs) in both arms for enhanced maneuverability

  • 360°

    360° abrasion-resistant and quiet wheels for smooth navigation

The highly anthropomorphic design of Cruzr enables it to move with the same flexibility and freedom as a human, optimizing user interaction and operational efficiency.

Tour Guide Robot Friendly Human-like Design

Key Features

  • Personalized Intelligent Greeting
    Personalized Intelligent Greeting
  • All-round Professional Explanation
    All-round Professional Explanation
  • Instant Intelligent Guiding
    Instant Intelligent Guiding
  • Multimodal Entertainment Interaction
    Multimodal Entertainment Interaction
  • Data Management Platform
    Data Management Platform
  • IOT Intelligent Control
    IOT Intelligent Control
  • Robot Show
    Robot Show
Service Robot Greeting & Reception
Greeting & Reception Services

Cruzr proactively greets visitors and tailors unique welcome messages for each individual, delivering an innovative and personalized experience.

Service Robot Business Consultation
Business Consultation Services

Cruzr utilizes voice, text, video, and action-based interactions to provide visitors with comprehensive consultation, customized Q&A sessions, business guidance, and processing. This enhances operational efficiency and elevates the quality of customer service.

  • Voice
  • Text
  • Video
  • Action
Guided Tour Services

Utilizing the independently developed U-SLAM indoor positioning and navigation technology from UBTECH, Cruzr offers precise navigation capabilities. It customizes diverse tour routes based on specific demands, assisting visitors in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the exhibition hall from all angles.

Service Robotics Technologies
Service Robot Promotion

Robot Promotion Services

In idle mode, Cruzr activates an automatic parade function, randomly navigating through the venue and broadcasting pertinent policies and advertising messages based on predefined parameters. This enhances the reach and effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

Multi-Modal Interaction & Entertainment Capabilities

Multi-Modal Interaction & Entertainment Capabilities

Equipped with a precise motion control system and high-precision servo drivers, Cruzr's anthropomorphic arms can be programmed to deliver exceptional experiences, such as captivating dance performances, to guests and visitors.

IoT Centralized Control Integration

IoT Centralized Control Integration

Cruzr seamlessly integrates with IoT devices (such as lights, curtains, air conditioners, screens, etc.) to enable smart connection, control, and demonstration capabilities, serving as an intelligent display hub.

Intelligent Check-in System

Intelligent Check-in System

The sign-in process is efficiently completed through face recognition, with the user's punching information being securely recorded. This allows for easy post-meeting review of individual meeting attendance.

Automatic Recharging Capability

Automatic Recharging Capability

Equipped with an infrared sensor, Cruzr continuously receives infrared signals from the charging station to locate and automatically recharge. Three charging modes are available: command-based, reservation-based, and automatic. A single charge can power Cruzr for up to 480 minutes, ensuring 24 hours of standby usage.

Provide Intelligent Robot Full Scene Service

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Smart Retail
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Smart Transportation
Specification Parameters
service robot specification parameters service robot specification parameters
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