Multi-Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot CADEBOT Receives MUSE Design Award


UBTECH's commercial multi-scene intelligent open delivery robot, CADEBOT, has achieved international recognition in the field of design by winning the prestigious MUSE Design Gold Award—an international recognition that celebrates outstanding excellence in design. This honor not only acknowledges UBTECH's innovative capabilities but also highlights CADEBOT's significant contributions to advancing commercial intelligence. We are immensely proud and delighted to receive this accolade.

CADEBOT is renowned for its agile performance and open structural design. This next-generation intelligent robot not only offers comprehensive intelligent services, including delivery, guidance, and patrolling but also plays a significant role in driving operational innovation in the retail and restaurant industries.


Innovative Dual-Screen Interaction Enhances Human-Machine Experience

One of CADEBOT's innovative features is its dual-screen interaction capabilities. The robot's head screen, paired with a large 21-inch front screen, expands the interaction area by a remarkable 400%. This spacious front screen is not only suitable for targeted advertising but also features a user-friendly design that optimizes viewing and operation comfort. The two screens work in tandem, displaying animated effects, including various expressions, adding a touch of warmth to human-machine interactions.

Multi-Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot CADEBOT Receives MUSE Design Award


L-Shaped Design for Seamless Navigation in Busy Commercial Environments

CADEBOT boasts a sleek L-shaped design that ensures smooth navigation in narrow passageways or bustling retail environments. Its 270° open design ensures visibility from different angles and access from three directions. Combined with its patrol mode, this robot significantly outperforms traditional static marketing models, contributing to increased product exposure and corresponding sales.

Multi-Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot CADEBOT Receives MUSE Design Award


Advanced Perception System Ensures Safe and Efficient Operations

CADEBOT is equipped with dual SLAM systems, enabling centimeter-level positioning and precise environmental mapping. With RGBD cameras mounted on the top and bottom for detection, this device features LiDAR with a radiation area of 202° in the front and 55° in the rear. Coupled with advanced sensors, it excels in agile and accurate obstacle avoidance.These features ensure that the robot can operate safely and efficiently, even in spacious and high-traffic places like restaurants and stores. Furthermore, multiple robots can seamlessly coordinate, autonomously process and execute commands, providing smooth and efficient solutions for various tasks.

Multi-Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot CADEBOT Receives MUSE Design Award


Addressing Workforce Challenges and Driving Industry Innovation

CADEBOT's applications further address the severe workforce challenges faced by the retail and restaurant industries. Through its outstanding performance and innovative design, CADEBOT not only enhances the level of intelligence in commercial environments but also opens up new possibilities for improving service efficiency and customer experiences.

Multi-Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot CADEBOT Receives MUSE Design Award


UBTECH showcases its deep expertise in the field of intelligent robotics through CADEBOT's design and features. Winning the MUSE Design Gold Award not only recognizes CADEBOT's exceptional design but also affirms UBTECH's continued innovation and efforts in the global wave of intelligence.

Multi-Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot CADEBOT Receives MUSE Design Award


In the field of new retail, CADEBOT plays a crucial role, particularly in enhancing customer experiences and optimizing operational processes. Its advanced intelligence and multifunctional design make it an ideal choice for the new retail environment. By integrating advanced AI and machine learning technologies, CADEBOT can identify customer needs and provide personalized shopping experiences. This application not only reduces labor costs but also improves operational efficiency, especially during peak hours. Additionally, CADEBOT's data analysis capabilities offer valuable consumer insights to retailers, helping them optimize inventory management and marketing strategies.


CADEBOT also significantly enhances the customer experience. Its interactive dual-screen design not only provides information and guidance but also adds fun and convenience to shopping. This interactivity strengthens the connection between the brand and consumers, enhancing customer loyalty.

Multi Scene Intelligent Open Delivery Robot Cadebot Receives Muse Design Award


In conclusion, UBTECH's multi-scenario intelligent open delivery robot, CADEBOT, is not only a technological innovation but also a hallmark product of the new retail revolution. It not only embodies the application of intelligence in the retail sector but also foreshadows the direction of the future retail industry. Th

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