After Sales Policy

After-sales Service Policy for UBTECH Commercial Robotics Products

General Provisions

Customers who purchase or receive UBTECH commercial robotics products through legal channels or promotional activities are eligible for warranty services provided by UBTECH or authorized service providers in case of product quality issues.

Customer Service Commitment:

1-year warranty

Note: If a longer warranty is forced by the regional or national regulations, or particular project requirements, please negotiate with UBTECH to get a confirmation of updated warranty duration in the contract, agreement or other official documents.

Warranty Documentation

Note: When multiple warranty periods overlap, the longest warranty period shall prevail.

(1) Purchase Invoice: Sales invoice issued by UBTECH or authorized distributors.

(2) Warranty Card: Randomly stamped warranty card issued by UBTECH or authorized distributors (any alterations are invalid).

(3) Activation Date: If a valid invoice or warranty card cannot be provided, the activation date can be used as the starting date for warranty coverage.

(4) Manufacturing Date: If a valid invoice or warranty card cannot be provided, the warranty coverage starts 90 days after the manufacturing date.


(1) UBTECH Developed Products: For UBTECH-developed commercial robotics products, within 1 year from the date of purchase, customers can contact the UBTECH customer service hotline for technical support or request free repairs and software services from authorized service providers designated by the Customer Service Department for hardware performance failures or quality issues with UBTECH-developed software.

(2) Non-UBTECH Developed Products: For non-UBTECH developed commercial robotics products, within 1 year from the date of purchase, the seller is responsible for providing repair and software services for hardware performance failures or quality issues with non-UBTECH developed hardware or software.

(3) After paid repairs, UBTECH provides a 90-day warranty for replaced UBTECH-developed components.

Performance Failure of Products



Host with electronic components

The functions listed in the manual fail

Can not boot. Unable to log in or connect normally

Abnormal shutdown

Key/button failure

No sound, one-way silence, or abnormal volume

Power Adapter

Not working or not working properly, unable to charge normally


If it cannot work normally after charging, the basis for judging is that the battery capacity is not less than 80%

Automatic charging pile

Can not work normally

other parts

Can not work normally

Function List and Warranty Period



Part Name

Warranty period

Commercial Robot

Core components


12 months


12 months

Chassis motor

12 months

Microphone array

12 months

Depth camera

12 months

Audio system

12 months


12 months

Lithium battery

12 months

Charging pile

12 months

Various sensors

12 months

Various switching circuit boards

12 months

Various cables

12 months

Status light & circuit board

12 months

Consumable parts

Steering gear

12 months

Electronic hand

12 months

Universal wheel

12 months

Paid Repair Scope

The following situations are not covered by free warranty services but can be repaired at a reasonable service charge:

(1) Exceeding the warranty period.

(2) Lack of valid warranty documentation and invoices (except for cases that can be proved to be within the warranty period).

(3) Alterations or discrepancies on the warranty documents.

(4) Damages caused by improper use, maintenance, or failure to follow the product instructions.

(5) Damages caused by unauthorized disassembly or repair, or modifications not authorized by UBTECH.

(6) Liquid immersion, moisture damage, or mold growth.

(7) Failure of auxiliary components and other parts, excluding main components specified by the national warranty regulations.

(8) Damages caused by force majeure.

Repair Instructions:

For in-warranty repairs, UBTECH or authorized service providers provide free inspection and repair services.

For out-of-warranty repairs, the customer bears the cost of on-site inspection and component replacement.

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