UBTECH Commercial Empowers Automakers, Driving Intelligent Transformation in the Automotive Industry


In today's era of continuous digital and intelligent evolution, UBTECH Commercial is empowering automotive enterprises with its next-generation robot technologies, CADEBOT and Cruzr, pushing the industry towards an intelligent transformation. Our collaboration with Great Wall Motors' Ora brand showcases the realization of this vision.

CADEBOT: This robot captivates with its large screen playing car videos, not only enhancing customer engagement but also strengthening brand marketing effectiveness. Its tray for displaying promotional brochures makes information delivery more intuitive and interactive, enhancing customer brand awareness.

Cruzr: As a multifunctional intelligent reception robot, Cruzr plays a key role in improving customer experience. It not only displays car models but also provides personalized consultations based on customer interests. Through its interface, customers can select their desired car model and sales consultant, and finally, it gathers customer feedback, forming an efficient and cohesive service process.

Through CADEBOT and Cruzr, UBTECH Commercial not only provides efficient marketing tools for automobile enterprises but also creates a unique car-buying experience for customers, demonstrating the immense potential of intelligent technology in enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

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