Elevating the Hospitality Experience: UBTECH's Cruzr Intelligent Service Robots


Over recent years, robotics have penetrated the hospitality industry, creating a buzz with their unique ability to engage and serve customers. From autonomous check-ins and automated concierge services to keyless room access via facial recognition, robots and AI-powered tools have streamlined travelers' experiences. While self-service kiosks and tablets offer some hospitality services, they can't rival customer service robots like UBTECH's Cruzr in tasks requiring mobility and artificial intelligence such as autonomous navigation and personalized recommendations.

At the heart of hospitality robotics is the goal to enhance guest experiences. UBTECH's Cruzr intelligent service robot, with its ability to recognize names and remember local restaurant choices, does just that. Here's how Cruzr leverages AI and robotics to elevate hotel guests' experiences:

1. Accelerated Check-in:

Long waits for hotel check-ins and check-outs can put a damper on the guest experience. Robotics speed up these processes, alleviating congestion in hotel lobbies, while maintaining the human touch of customer service. Cruzr, built on an open-source platform, integrates APIs to connect to the hotel's database, check room availability, reservations, and customer preferences. It also provides 24/7 remote voice or video support, enhancing the hotel staff's operational efficiency. Gartner predicts that by 2021, 15% of global customer service interactions will be entirely AI-handled, up 400% from 2017. This is a boon for weary travelers, who can quickly check-in and retreat to their rooms without human interaction.

Elevating the Hospitality Experience: UBTECH's Cruzr Intelligent Service Robots

2. On-Demand Information:

Need help finding the ballroom or a restaurant recommendation? Robotic assistants like Cruzr have you covered. Cruzr quickly responds to queries about local attractions, dining options, or hotel facilities. If a guest needs guidance within the hotel, Cruzr's U-SLAM technology offers safe, autonomous navigation.

3. Heightened Personalization:

Cruzr's intelligent facial recognition software creates personalized experiences for hotel guests by remembering faces and names (upon opting into loyalty programs). From knowing a regular guest's preference for extra towels to their preferred arrival beverage, Cruzr tailors experiences to individual needs. For new guests, Cruzr picks up on patterns to provide accurate future recommendations, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Customer-centric robots like Cruzr are revolutionizing the hospitality industry. A 2018 study by Hospitality Technology found that nearly 44% of hotels plan to increase AI spending over the next two years. As customer service robots become more prevalent, don't be surprised to see Cruzr delivering data-driven, personalized experiences on your next hotel stay.

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